Mentoring Session


✓ 1 session
✓ The session lasts 45 minutes
✓ Online (Zoom or another preferred platform) or on the phone
✓ Only for clients who already worked with me individually


This Mentoring session is best suited for those who have already worked with me individually. We have been on a transformation journey together and I am familiar with you, where you are coming from, and where you are heading.

The session can be designed entirely to your unique needs:

● We can make this a purely coaching session. Reflection, powerful questioning, and answers that originate from you.
● We go for a free-flowing conversation and strategise, looking for best solutions.
● And always, if that's what's needed the most, you can simply use this as a safe and trusting space to share.

Step 1: Book the session by reserving a date and time on my Calendly page.
Step 2: Fill in a short form.
Step 3: Make the payment using the same method as for the previous services.
Step 4: Reservation is complete.