From self-sabotage to self-empowerment

Let’s work together to transform self-sabotaging patterns that get in the way of your success.

I am here to guide you through your transformation journey to emotional healing, inner peace and freedom to create a fulfilling life you love.

Work with me to confidently step into your true power and achieve what you desire with clarity and purpose.

If you are stuck in a SELF-SABOTAGING pattern, I know exactly what you are going through, how exhausting and defeating it can be…

Logically and intellectually you understand what’s holding you back, you clearly see the steps you need to take but still cannot seem to change it.

Willpower and clever tactics worked… just temporarily. You have made changes in the past, but keep falling back to the same thinking and behaviour patterns. Perhaps it’s even worse now than before.

You may experience anger at yourself, disappointment, shame and guilt, and feel emotionally and physically drained.

It feels like you are in a constant fight against yourself, unable to win.

Fear, doubt and lack of self-trust are overwhelming you and obstructing your intuition and ability to think with clarity.

Perhaps you are already thinking: “I’m exhausted, I’m broken. I’ve tried everything and this cannot be fixed.”

The change you desire is absolutely possible

You are not the sabotaging thoughts, behaviours and beliefs which are keeping you stuck.

There is a reason why you cannot work it out intellectually, applying willpower and only using your conscious mind.

The answers and solutions are hidden in your SUBCONSCIOUS.

Self-sabotage happens when your conscious and subconscious needs and desires are out of alignment, they clash.

So whatever the conscious mind decides or chooses, it will face resistance from the root cause belief buried in your subconscious mind. And the subconscious will always win.

This is why we work on the subconscious level to deeply and fully transform the actual reason your mind is holding you back.

During our work together let me guide you from



Gain clarity on how to move forward, leaving behind what has been holding you back


Unlock your inner wisdom and connect with your heart’s true desire


(Re)connect with your inner power and ignite confidence


Confidently pursue your goals and dreams with purpose and passion

Are you ready to transform self-sabotaging patterns for good?

Here is how I can support you in your journey:



There are multiple ways SELF-SABOTAGE may show up in your life.

Here are some common themes and symptoms I see among clients:


 You truly want a fulfilling relationship, a beautiful and intimate connection in which you can show up exactly as you are. You feel ready for a partner, new friends, or deeper level of connection in your current relationships. However, the following keeps happening…

You become overwhelmed or scared and push potential partners away as soon as there are deeper signs of vulnerability and intimacy.

You notice how your mind is constantly on alert, scanning for red flags, flaws or reasons for dissatisfaction.

As a result, you cut them off as soon as there is one ‘misstep’ from their side.

You set high and rigid (let’s be honest: unrealistic) standards for what that person should be.

Your insecurities start dictating your behaviour. You feel that you need to control how you appear and start playing mind games, feeling you need to outsmart them to be accepted and loved.

Your mind creates only overly positive (“we have not talked yet but I know that she is the one”) or negative (“this relationship will fail, just like the last one”) scenarios which have very little to do with reality.

You are afraid to openly communicate your true needs and desires. While you intellectually know what your boundaries are, you constantly fail to set them.

You are constantly drawn to unavailable or toxic partners.

Health and Wellbeing

Your physical and mental health is a foundation from which you can build a fulfilled life. Wellbeing is prioritising self-care, your physical and emotional needs. Fuelling your body with nutritious, vitamin-enriched foods. Giving your body and mind a sufficient amount of rest. Creating space in your day for body and mind practices. Cultivating a resilient mindset and mindfully managing stress. You know everything you need to do to be healthy and feel vibrant, however…

You have poor sleep and nutrition habits. As a result, you are physically and emotionally exhausted.

You commit to extreme wellness goals which are impossible to maintain or reach.

You struggle with emotional eating.

You are addicted to smoking, alcohol or drugs. It is a vicious cycle you cannot get out of.

You break your own promises. You said you will exercise everyday but today you are just not in the mood so you just skip.

You feel stressed and dysregulated on a daily basis.

You believe every thought that pops up in your mind. Emotions easily carry you away into a reactive and defensive mode.  


When it comes to work and career, you want to feel fulfilled and abundant. You want to grow, develop and feel proud of your achievements. You know you have talents, skills and abilities that make you shine. You have goals and dreams about how you want to realise your potential. You want to have a positive impact on the world through your contribution. However, these obstacles keep on hindering you…

Your self-doubt and imposter syndrome cause you to downplay your achievements and capabilities.

You feel like you are constantly missing out on opportunities for growth and learning.

You may hate the position you are currently at, but the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone is too big to take action.

You believe you have to be 100% perfect in order to achieve success in your career.

You say “no” to and are terrified or taking on projects which make you visible.

Even though you know you are worthy of a higher salary, you do not take steps to negotiate an increase or settle for a lower number, just to get it over with quickly.

You do not see a future with the current job. You do not see a wider, long-term perspective about which direction you want to take your career. Yet… you have taken no action aside from worrying and overthinking worst case scenarios.