“Working with Nora has been an absolute blast. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions and has proven to be the start of an unravelling and reprogramming of my mind and soul to allow me to truly best serve others. We connected straight away and I felt very comfortable sharing the challenges I was facing. In addition Nora very quickly picked up on my desire to be challenged and though always with a kind heart and a courteous manner did this to great effect to allow me to breakthrough multiple barriers I was facing. There were so many techniques and exercises that complimented my journey but I especially liked the uniqueness in creating an audio file bespoke to me speaking to my vision and goals for the future. It goes without saying I would definitely recommend working with Nora and I will be keeping her as a professional contact to refer future clients to I meet that require therapy instead of coaching.”

Michael, UK

“Dainora is an amazing therapist. For the first time I got a deep and clear understanding of very painful memories which finally brought healing and closure. It was a deeply healing and life-changing session in which I felt supported and guided. She was such a warm and reassuring presence over this intense two hour-and-a-half session; she knew exactly what questions to ask and what tools to use, so at the end of it I felt so empowered and transformed and I look forward to the changes to come. Thank you so much, Dainora! You are changing lives :)”

Diana, Romania

“Working with Dainora was an incredible experience. She took the time to get to know me thoroughly and created rapport immediately through her calm and kind manner. She is understanding, thoughtful and wise. Her wisdom, knowledge and skills guide you calmly and easily through the hypnosis session and I gained a deep understanding of the blocks that were holding me back. She transformed my outdated programming into powerful and encouraging beliefs that led me to awaken the next morning feeling absolutely energized and enthusiastic. The bespoke audio recording she made for me was on point and created lasting change in my thinking, feeling and in my actions. I would highly recommend working with Dainora!” 

Claudia, New Zealand

“Dainora was recommended to me by a friend. Around that time I was searching for answers about how free myself from fears, perfectionism, and boost my self-esteem and confidence. I wanted to move forward with power and take action. This is the first time I experienced this kind of therapy and understood the powerful effect it has. Around three weeks after the session, still listening to the personal recording, something started to shift inside of me. I started feeling stronger, believing I can do more,  and I started taking action in areas which I was hesitant and afraid of before. I started noticing that love for myself is growing 🙂 And a funniest thing – I simply wanted to hug myself… This has never happened before. In the present day, not only I but also people who know me see how much I have changed. However I am telling them that I didn’t change, I have always been this way. What is different now is I am being myself, freely and openly 🙂 Since our session, I already referred a few people to Dainora. I have experienced the power of this therapy and I want the same for others, so that they can break free from their limitations and live an authentic life 🙂 Because I believe that this is true happiness. Thank you, Dainora, for doing this :)”

Jovita, Lithuania

I started my coaching journey with Dainora last year and it has been a great experience so far! Dainora really helped me to understand better my goals and to define a clear path to work towards them. As international certified coach, Dainora applies certified methodologies that truly support you in achieving your goals. Every session together has been a unique experience in helping to better understand myself, my needs and how to express them. Every coaching journey is unique and I recommend Dainora wholeheartedly as coach to help build yours!

Angela, Germany

“I had a session with Dainora about a month ago on procrastination, not doing what I knew I should be doing. Dainora was very thorough, she asked me a lot of very pertinent questions to really narrow down and understand what my needs were. She is very patient and professional. She helped me understand things I had no idea were running in my mind. The recording she gave me is absolutely brilliant. I recommend working with her 100%. Thank you Dainora.”

Anne, France

“I had an RTT session with Dainora on money blocks recently which was really helpful in helping me discover and uproot the root cause of this issue in my life. I highly recommend Dainora as she is not only competent and very skilled in her therapy but also very kind, caring and committed to me getting the results I was after.  The recording, which I am still listening to, was specifically designed for me and is easy to listen to and very relaxing, and full of perfect statements for me. Although I am only about 12 days into my 21 days of listening to the recording I am already noticing little things beginning to shift around me in positive ways, as well as a notable change in perspective. Which is amazing! I am very grateful to have connected with Dainora and if you’re still trying to decide if RTT is for you, or if she is the right therapist, I say; Just do it. You will be SO pleased you did. I certainly am.”

M. Andersen, Australia