Rapid Explorations

100 EUR

Discover the power of a one hour coaching conversation. Reflection, powerful questioning, and answers that originate from you. Whether you want to experience being coached for the first time, or you’re bringing a specific question to look at in the session, I invite you into an open, warm space to which you can come exactly as you are.  

The offer contains:

  • One coaching call (1h 10min)


Your Roadmap to Success

720 EUR

A full coaching journey. We start by clarifying and setting specific goal you want to achieve. Then follows a creation of an action plan, steps to be taken to get you where you want to be. Of course, each coaching journey is about reaching a goal. But you also deepen your self-awareness, gain clarity and feel more confident in creating your own solutions.

The offer contains:

  • Six coaching calls (1h 10 min each)

  • Email support in between the sessions


Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

844 EUR

It’s time to liberate yourself and choose to live confidently, authentically – the way you’ve always wanted to. Let go of limiting beliefs and hurtful emotions of the past, get rid of mental and emotional blockages which are keeping you stuck. Wire in and adapt new powerful beliefs which nurture inspiring self-belief and unshakable self-worth. Leave behind what’s blocking you, and leap towards a life that you design on your own terms.

The package contains:

  • Intake call (50min) 

  • Main session (2.5h-3h)

  • Fully personalised recording (duration: 15-23 min)

  • Support following the session (35 days)

  • Integration call (35min)